Visual Studio 2010 Basics (cheat sheets)

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Developers often dive into the new iterations of their favourite development suites without taking the time to dig into the peculiarities of those new iterations. Sometimes, the slightest detail can cost us working hours, even if we’re talking for a simple key combination.

What follows is a list of downloads that will help developers with their attempts to produce solid code with the .NET framework and the Visual Studio 2010 programming suite.

1. The C# Language Specification 4 (.doc file)
2. The core C# and .NET Quick Reference (.pdf file)
3. The C# key biddings/keyboard shortcuts (.pdf file)
4. The .NET 4 common types and namespaces (.pdf, .pdf files – prefer the second one!)
5. The .NET 3.5 common types and namespaces (.pdf, .xps, .jpg files)

You can find more resources at devcurry and at the collective Microsoft Visual Studio Posters website.
Also, more technical posters for the .NET Framwork can be downloaded from techposters.

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