Move Up one level with Windows 7 Explorer

windows_7_rc.jpg Okay, now, I don’t know how many of you find it just as infuriating as I do, but I believe that MS choice to change the keyboard shortcuts from one version of Windows to another is just a pain.

In any case, in good old XP, you’d just press the Backspace and the Windows Explorer would navigate up one level. Plain and simple and it worked too. Now, for some reason, Backspace only takes you back one level. Which of course, does not necessarily mean the same thing.

I’m not saying it’s a bad feature. It’s really good actually but for the most part, having gotten used to a keyboard shortcut means that you expect it to work just as it used to work in the previous version. Besides, hitting the Backspace after you’ve opened a folder that you found by using the Search feature of Windows is God awful! Takes you back to the Search screen that is being populated from scratch.

In any case, the new keyboard shortcut for navigating UP one leve is: ALT+UP

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