Rapidshare Javascript Hack

javascript_logo.jpg I have never liked Javascript or JavaScript or whatever. Never. Not when I studied it, not when I worked with it and not now that years have passed since then.

Some could ask what is there not to like in this versatile client programming language. First off, it’s not a programming language. It’s an excuse of a scripting language, if that.

Other than that, you can not trust JavaScript. Granted, you can not trust ANY client language but since we’re talking about JavaScript, you can not trust JavaScript 😛

In any case, a simple example will prove this point. Rapidshare, which in my opinion is a great alternative to massive wait times for torrent or ed2k downloads, well worth the 5 euros too, has opted for a JavaScript mechanism to keep track of wait times for free accounts (as opposed to paid accounts, which have no wait times).

The mechanism is simple. A simple countdown till the user is able to click on download. Javascript counts down the time and then enables the button. However, it’s just as simple to inject the script and make it believe that the time has already passed, thus, skip the wait times.

1. click on a rapidshare download link.
2. click on the Free Account button (at which point your wait time begins)
3. erase the URL address in your browser
4. paste this in the URL field -> javascript:var%20c=0
5. And that’s that. The Download Now button should be activated and you can click on it and download your file without having to wait through the wait time.

It’s a lame trick actually and honestly, 5 euros for the massive downloads offered is a fair deal so, do consider purchasing a paid account for rapidshare.

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One thought on “Rapidshare Javascript Hack

  1. Their JS ‘protection’ has recently gotten even worse. Without fully shutting down the browser after turning noscrip off you can’t get anything to work. Can you help out here? How do I get straight to the download from this blank page? All it loads is the dropbdown menus and the header/logo, and that’s it.

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