Phlegyas VS Othello : Take Two

(picture rights – Robert Gatliff: original webpage )

Remember the Phlegyas VS Othello project explanation that started here?

The 0.1 version of the development files have been uploaded into Sourceforge. You can find both the entire package (with source code) or just the binaries of the project at the Phegyas portion of Sourceforge here.

Please note that in order to be able and run the project you will need the final version of the .NET framework (3.5 at the time of writing). I know this may be disturbing as it is only a Console application but on the other hand, I started studying C# on that version of the framework and took its features for granted. Pout 🙁 Next time I promise to perform better. On the other hand, maybe it’s all for the better as the next version of the project will be make in Windows Environment (whenever that happens).

Have a sweet and happy new year everybody. May your version of 2010 be filled with the happy and smiling face of your beloved.

MGR: the Intelogist

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