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One thing that may strike users as odd is the absence of their CD/DVD drive in the list of drivers of their favourite burning piece of software. Be it Nero, Roxio, Cheetah, CDBurnerXP, or any other suite, you may find it hard to use your new burner because it won’t be listed in the suite’s drop down menu.

The first time this happened to me I thought it was because of my Operating System. I had gotten myself a new PC, installed Windows 7 Beta (the free copy Microsoft circulated last year), installed my favourite CDBurnerXP and tried to burn some CDs. In vain. My burner was nowhere to be found. The drop down menu said “No Supported Drive Found”.

Hoorah for that!

So, after I tried another 3 suites (only because I thought this was a compatibility issue between CDBurnerXP and Windows 7), I was still at point zero. None of the suites could “see” my burner.

After digging a bit I realized that my issue was not because of the OS-suite. Instead, it was because of the OS-drive combination. You see, what happened was, my new burner was SATA instead of IDE.

SATA drives will require a special bit of software from Intel. They call it the Intel Matrix Storage Manager. Just head of to Intel and download it and you’ll be fine. Install it, reboot and voila, your drive will appear in your suite’s drop down and stay there happily ever after 🙂

Since I know you peeps are lazy butts, here’s the link to the file on Intel’s servers: (just scroll down and click on Download. You will need to accept some mumbo jumbo and then you’ll be cleared to get the file)

Or you can just click here and get it from me 🙂

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