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There are some things that developers will either hear for the first time or, more often, will keep hearing without knowing precisely what they are. I will use the “what is” tag in order to explain what some of these concepts are.

1. feature event receiver:
Although it does remind us of the generic event receivers, a feature event receiver is a very specific piece of code. In essense, after the introduction of Microsoft Office 2007, a feature event receiver is a server-side code routine that executes as part of the four key events in the lifetime of a feature; those four events are: installation, activation, deactivation and removal.

According to the MSDN library:
Real World Example: A developer creating a Feature determines that it must make some calls to the object model when activated, and perform some cleanup when deactivated. He creates a custom Feature event receiver class and includes a reference to it in the Feature definition.
Technical Details: You compile Feature event receivers into assemblies that are associated with the definition of a Feature. If a Feature receiver is associated with that Feature, when the Feature goes through one of its four lifecycle events it is called with additional information relating to the scope and target of that event.

For more information, click the link above to visit the MSDN library.

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