Quick tip: Delete duplicate items in MS Outlook 2007 (with ODIR)

People don’t normally end up with huge .pst files because of duplicate email items. However, there are cases when that’s not true. For example, in my case, after years of using a number of different email addresses, I decided to close some of them and connect the rest with Outlook so that I wouldn’t need to worry about manually checking my email accounts.

Since most of the important online email providers now offer POP/IMAP access, I’d be a full to not take advantage of it (seriously, how come Yahoo still charges for that? No wonder I just closed down my Yahoo email).

However, in doing so, I ended up with an enormous .pst file (in the region of 2GB) which, you guessed it, was full of duplicate email items, some of them bearing hefty attachments (as in files).

Unfortunately, since Outlook does not offer an out of the book means of removing duplicates, a nice freeware piece of software comes to the rescue.

ODIR: Outlook Duplicate Items Remover. A freeware application that is spyware/adware/etc. free.

You can download the application by clicking on the name. Please, do note that this is not something I made. All credit goes to: VAitA

After you install ODIR, you will find it in the “Add-ins” tab. Unfortunately, one thing that I wished they changed is that, ODIR only checks for duplicates inside folders. So, if you do have duplicate items but they are scattered across a number of folders, ODIR will not pick them up since they will be unique items in their respective folders. Just a point to consider. However, if you’re up for a bit of work, if you have setup rules for your incoming email, you could -theoretically- place all of your email items in your inbox folder –manually, run ODIR to pick up ALL duplicate items and then manually run all your rules to categorise your inbox just as it was before; minus the duplicates.

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2 thoughts on “Quick tip: Delete duplicate items in MS Outlook 2007 (with ODIR)

  1. davidmoyes

    With the help of Kernel for Outlook Duplicates tool you can easily remove duplicate item in MS Outlook. It is fully capable of removing all duplicate data from MS Outlook.

    • MGR

      Cheers David. It’s good to know there are other applications out there that can help us with Outlook woes. To be honest, I had used Kernel Recovery for OST once, it was indeed exactly what I was looking for! Seems like the guys over there know what they’re doing 🙂

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