How to: Use Opera to download Flash content (SWF files) from websites

quickTipThe other day, I came across one very inspired SWF clip that I just HAD to download and keep. Unfortunately, I thought, although there are Flash Video downloaders in all flavours and for all browsers, there’s isn’t an equal abundance of SWF downloaders. On the other hand, SWF files, contrary to FLV files, can easily be found in your browser cash.

In order to download an SWF file from a webpage in Opera, you will just need one thing: the URL of the page where the SWF file originally plays. Having that, you will do the following:

1. Click in the address bar and type in this: about:cache
2. Hit the ENTER key
3. You will be presented with a list of URLs. In here, somewhere, the URL with the SWF is. Use the CTRL+F combination to bring up the SEARCH field and type (or paste) the domain name of the URL where the SWF was located. (if, for example, the SWF was loaded in a URL such as this:, you would be searching for this: paokmania)
4. Using the SEARCH function, you will be taken to that domain name in the list of URLs. On the far right, there’s a link named: List. Click on it.
5. You will be taken to a page listing all the items that have been cached from this website. Using the CTRL+F combination to bring up the SEARCH function again, search for “swf”.
6. Once you find the right file, just right click on it and select “Save Linked Content As…” Select a folder and save the file as you would with any other file on the internet.

MGR: the Intelogist

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4 thoughts on “How to: Use Opera to download Flash content (SWF files) from websites

  1. Laos

    it doesn’t work on my computer. My gom player doesn’t let it play.

    • MGR

      Hi there.
      Is it possible that the issue lies with your GOM player? Also, can I ask which version of Opera you’re using? I haven’t tried this in a long time, but I’ll give it a go and update if it doesn’t work anymore.

  2. C.Carmichael

    Works great. Thanks

    • MGR

      Glad you found this helpful. Also, I haven’t installed any of the new Chromium-based versions of Opera, so, I guess the trick still works 🙂 Thanks.

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