How to: Download a .publishsettings (publishing profile) file from Windows Azure (2014 update)

It used to be as simple as going to but now that microsoft changed the URL of the management ​portal, that link does not work anymore, nor does it redirect to the correct target site.

In order to download a .publishsettings file that you can use with your application, you need to log in with your credentials, start the Winodws PowerShell on your PC (as an administrator, mind you), and then type execute the following commandlet:


This should start a browser window, navigate to and alert you to save your .publishsettings file.

Download publishsettings from Azure

I’m guessing that manually browsing to that address should have the same effect but look at the @!$#!# %$ time, I’m not testing it now!


[MSDN] How to: Download and Import Publish Settings and Subscription Information

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2 thoughts on “How to: Download a .publishsettings (publishing profile) file from Windows Azure (2014 update)

  1. ToddM

    It’s still as easy as a link:


    • MGR

      yeah, it’s just a tad frustrating when links change 🙂

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