How to: Get the name of a SharePoint feature from its GUID

There’s a really easy way to get the name of a feature that SharePoint requests from its provided GUID. For example, when SharePoint complains with something that looks like this:

Error: The site template requires that the Feature {Long-GUID-of-Required-Feature-Here} be activated in the site collection.
Correlation ID: {Long-GUID-of-Correlation-ID}
Date and Time: “current date and time”

Or, visually:

error message on subsite creation when using a site template saved from another site collection

It’s a helpful message, but, unless you can track down what the required feature is, you’re out of luck.

Luckily, the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell, or, PowerShell, comes to the rescue:

get-spfeature GUID

Note: you will need to provide the GUID without the curly brackets, as per the screenshot below.

PowerShell command to get name of required feature

That will return the DisplayName and Id and Scope of the requested Feature.

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