How to: Fix Windows 10 Start Menu search

Here’s another “interesting” (read “annoying”) issue, I came across today. Out of the blue, Windows decided I wasn’t really interested in finding things.

What was the issue

I think a snapshot will better illustrate. The problem was that, hitting the windows key and starting typing was not returning *anything*. All I was getting was a blank results pane like so:

An image illustrating a Windows 10 issue where results are not being displayed when searching for items in the Start Menu

Windows 10 Start Menu – No results when searching

What did I try

I thought that the issue might have been caused by one of the applications I had installed recently. The last two applications I had installed were Slack and Skype. I went ahead and removed both of these from my machine. That didn’t seem to fix anything.

What was the actual solution

It appears that my issues were finally resolved when I cleared my search cache. I hadn’t realised there was one, but Windows does keep a cache of recent searches and results. Here are the steps to clear your cache if you too are facing the same (or similar) issue with your Windows 10 search:

  1. Find the Search settings. Since you can’t actually search for it (heh, catch-22), hit the cog in the Windows Start menu (or the Action Centre, whichever you prefer).
  2. The Windows Settings local search will in fact work. You can type “Search” in there and get to “Search Permissions and history”.
  3. From there, you can opt out of device history and search history, or you can just hit the “Clear my device history”. I’ve done both; I cleared my history and then turned both options off.

The above steps have resolved my blank search results pane issue.

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