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Okay here’s the thing… how many browsers do you use? How often do you backup your bookmarks? and how often have you lost your bookmarks and had to go hunting for that one webpage that you had saved?

I use five browsers interchangeably, all of them actively. Opera 10.10, Safari 4, K-meleon 1.5.3, Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox ‘some number’ (in order of preference). Most of my bookmarks are in Opera. As long as there are webpages however that do not follow the W3C Consortium guidelines, Opera will always face difficulties. That’s actually the only reason why I would ever use any of the other browsers. Besides, there are certain webpages that will simply not allow you to load them up in opera no matter what. I’m not making that up, my webmail provider will only load in Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

So what happens with my five-browser combined bookmarks?

I have looked for an all-around bookmark manager for some time. I have looked both for an open-source one as well as for a commercial one.

In the second category, I personally find that check&get is surpassed by none. It sports features that others have yet to implement and that i find extremely useful.

Natively imports bookmarks from all browsers, hooks the clipboard and monitors for copied urls, saves webshots of all bookmarks [up to four versions are kept], monitors changes, displays changes from last visit in yellow highlighter colour, detects dead and duplicate links, allows search, virtually categorizes bookmarks… and many more.

For a more detailed tour of the program please visit the developers’ usage demo here . For a detailed list of features and comparison of various versions please see the complete list here .

The program comes as a free trial and registration costs $39.95 for a single user, single computer use.

Tested both in XP and Vista this is a killer application. (also, tested on both Windows 7 32x and 64x. The application works just fine).

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